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what we do

As a small company, we understand only too well the importance of return on investment and believe that it’s not big budgets that count, but big ideas, well executed that will deliver the results you need.

We place particular importance on understanding your organisation’s objectives, researching your market place, understanding the challenges you face, and then developing communication strategies that will resonate with your target audience. We pride ourselves on getting under the skin of your business and working as part of your team.

Whether your objective is to increase your brand awareness, attract new clients, retain existing clients, launch new products or services, find out what makes your customers tick or build market share, we will recommend timely, appropriate and cost effective solutions to help achieve your goals.

Our four main services are:


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Most organisations have no problem articulating their business objectives, however translating these into a marketing strategy or coordinated communication plan is often more difficult; sometimes resulting in ad hoc advertising, sponsorships and promotional activity, some of which may represent poor value for money, and miss these objectives.

We can help clarify your thinking and produce and execute a comprehensive marketing plan, which aligns your objectives with the most appropriate marketing tools and gives the greatest propensity to achieve your goals. We do this in two stages:

  1. Strategic review
  2. Marketing planning

Strategic Review
(Reviewing your long-term business objectives, analysing your market place and competitors, seeking feedback from your customers (and those who don’t buy from you) and creating a vision and strategy)


  • Customer targeting
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Market research and evaluation
  • Market positioning and analysis
  • Communication and materials audit

Market Planning
(Translating your vision and strategy into a realistic, effective and inspiring programme of activity)


  • Marketing audit
  • Branding development and strategy
  • Marketing strategy (including budgets, timings and delivery)
  • Campaign planning
  • Budget planning
  • Personnel planning
  • Campaign tracking and evaluation


Brand Development

Brand Development

In today’s crowded market place, differentiation is key. In order to stand out from the crowd, an organisation needs something more profound than a new logo or a new company vision. It needs a “big idea” – one that captures the imagination and convinces its target audience that its product or service is unique, realistic and attainable.

We can help you do some soul searching to discover that nugget that will set you apart from the field.


  • Brand evaluation and development
  • Brand management
  • Corporate identity development
  • Branded environments
  • Marketing suites



Communications Communications Websites Websites

Great communication comes from an understanding of who, how, when and why. That’s to say who is your audience?, how do they like to be communicated with?, when do they like to be communicated with? And what is relevant to them?

With a myriad of choices: some complex, some relatively simple, some expensive, some more affordable, some electronic, some steam driven – let us help you choose the right route for your business objectives.


Design and Print
The advent of electronic media has done nothing to quash demand for the printed word. Brochures, leaflets, invitations, stationery and annual reports all benefit from the supremely tactile nature of paper, coupled with well-written prose and creative imagery.

We can help you create outstanding printed communication to ensure that you too stand out from the crowd.


  • Corporate brochures and sales literature
  • Copywriting
  • Computer generated images (CGIs)
  • Point of sale materials
  • Promotional materials
  • Media Planning and buying
  • Advertising/Advertorial
  • Site signage
  • Hoardings

Events, conferences & exhibitions
Face to face contact is an essential strand of a business development and client retention strategy. Events, conferences and seminars are just a few of the ways of meeting new and existing clients.

We can help you plan and execute the smooth running of your seminars, conferences, product launches, hospitality events, incentive trips and exhibitions, allowing you to concentrate on entertaining your guests.


  • Venue search
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Catering
  • Venue dressing
  • Music, Entertainment, lighting and AV
  • Delegate invitation and liaison
  • Speech writing
  • Photography
  • Goody bags

Direct & digital marketing
Direct marketing continues to be the most efficient and cost effective way of getting to your end consumer. Without doubt, a targeted as opposed to a scattergun approach will bring you a lower cost per sale and more immediate response. Direct mail, telemarketing, e-marketing or mobile phone marketing, all have a role to play. We can help you identify your key customer targets and devise a contact strategy using the most appropriate tools.


  • Web development
  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Database management
  • Customer profiling
  • Mobile development


Public Relations

Public Relations Public Relations

Reputations should be protected and nurtured at all times and can be lost with amazing ease if forethought and planning are neglected. We can help you create a positive impression in the media, amongst customers and stakeholders, using many tools and techniques including press packs, press visits, media training, thought leadership, crisis management, press conferences, award entries and hospitality.